WIR – Apr 30

While checking out, I noticed that the Holiday Inn had these great wall sculptures in their lobby.


OMG, I can’t keep a straight face. I let one rip in the Uber car & Mehdi is opening windows & spraying perfume. Arrived at Hotel Mercure Paris Sud Les Ulis Courtaboeuf. 

Room was ready in a few minutes, but it’s the dumpster room. 

Otherwise, it’s a nice room.

The quote translated: “There is no shame in preferring happiness”, Albert Camus. I worked on my presentation before going down to dinner, halibut, trumeric risotto & peas.

Tuesday team dinner was at La Criée. https://goo.gl/maps/4pkzcp9cyRr 

It’s been so hot in the hotel, so I sleep with the window open. I woke to a nice sunny view Wednesday morning.

The temperature was in the 30°s. It snowed in the early afternoon and there was a thunderstorm in the evening. I waited for the rain to stop and walked to the creperie, which was closed! I went nextdoor for a pizza, walked back, & called it a night. I slept decent. I had a dream that I had interviewed at Maxim & got the job. When I went into my current job, Kevin had the office next to me & he had my new boss on the phone. I met Jim for breakfast Thursday morning. We had an interesting discussion about life in Taiwan, his travels (mostly to Japan & Thailand), jobs, Microchip,… He doesn’t like going to China. He says Chinese people are rude & loud. The Uber ride to CDG took about an hour because there was still traffic. I worked on self assessment until dinner, then walked through the park to Aux Trois Gourmands. 

Submitted self assessment, packed, showered, & slept. Caught the 7:25am shuttle to Terminal 2 GARE at CDG. Check in & security went quickly.

I bought & mailed postcards & got gifts for us, the Moms, Dad & Linda. I splurged on La Mer, as it was cheaper @duty-free than in the States. I took a good dump @CDG before boarding. 

WeWe boarded buses and walked up the steps of the 787. Au revoir Paris!