Vacuum Resuscitation

Well, it finally happened. After months of the switch acting up on our Hoover upright vacuum, it finally gave out. The vacuum was very hard to turn off and then it never came back on. So, I took the throat apart and was thrilled to see that the switch was not soldered in. I removed the leads attached to the back of the switch, popped it out of the housing, and found them at DK and Mouser, in minimum quantities of 500! So now I search for a place to purchase 1 switch. This switch failure is quite aggravating. While the vacuum is a few years old, it doesn’t get used very much.
Vacuum model: Hoover UH50005B
Switch p/n: GRS-2011-2109 by CW

Update: Jan 9th
I purchased a switch yesterday at a vacuum shop. The man I spoke with explained that there had been many issues with the switch and it was being replaced with a switch from a different manufacturer that has leaded connections and can be attached with wire nuts. So, I purchased the ridiculously priced $8 switch from him thinking I would have to pay for shipping or more gas if I searched around for a cheaper one. This morning I installed the new switch easily and we have suction. Success, the vacuum lives!