WIR- Nov 19

I finished the hat for Candy’s nephew on Monday.

Candy’s response on Tuesday.

Thursday was super busy with meetings before our 10:30am departure for DFW. Check-in took forever since we had to add a lock to our gun cases. Then the TSA security lane was under construction so we had to go to another one. Once on the plane, things went pretty smooth and of course at TPA, things were fabulous. Even though super busy, Eda have me a hug and kiss. John was on x-ray. Of course, the folks at Alamo were fabulous to Carlos, finding him a white Dodge Ram. We worked Friday and the pool heater guy checked out the system. We went to LCDP in the afternoon for bread and learned that Katia is pregnant, due Jun 4.

Optimal Road Trip with a Boat Across Texas.

Texas Fishing Road Trip
Texas Fishing Road Trip

Thank you Randy Olson for sharing your code for computing the Optimal Road Trip Across the US –  http://www.randalolson.com/2015/03/08/computing-the-optimal-road-trip-across-the-u-s/

I used Randy’s information to create the Optimal Road Trip with a Boat Across Texas – http://engineeress.com/major-lakes-TX.html

So, hitch the boats; let’s get on the road!


Maiden Name Bar

Topolski London


The Facts

NAME: Topolski

IT’S A: New bar and café that pays homage to the works of Polish-born British expressionist painter Feliks Topolski

OPENED: 1st November 2013

WHO’S BEHIND IT: Company of Cooks

DID YOU KNOW: The new bar and restaurant features a self-supporting scaffolding structure within the arches to hold and display Topolski’s artwork

LOCATION: South Bank

ADDRESS: 150-152 Hungerford Bridge, Concert Hall Approach, Waterloo, London, SE1 8XU


OPENING HOURS: Mon-Thurs: 7am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 7am-1am


PHONE NUMBER: 020 7620 0627

MAP:View map


Housed under a railway arch behind the Southbank Centre, the former studio of Polish-born artist and illustrator Feliks Topolski has been transformed into a bar-come-restaurant-come-exhibition.

Topolski’s menu, created by Bruce Wilson and Claire Cook, takes us on a journey through Eastern Europe with dishes such as Zurek, Borsch and Cracovian sausage featuring on sharing plates.

A range of strong Polish lagers, handpicked wines and fruit-infused vodkas are on-hand to quench thirsts.

Paying homage to its namesake, Topolski features the artist’s eccentric work throughout the space (vast canvas portraits of leading 20th hang from arches) and will host a specially curated series of live music events.

The team from B3 designers have created a unique space that allows visitors to enjoy Felix Topolski’s work along with a seating and bar area , at the same time keeping Felix’s utilitarian artistic style visible throughout.

Topolski wins foodies and art-addicts hearts once they’ve experience the artist’s passion for life and culture through a very arty foodie adventure.