My First CAL

I’m one of those lucky kids who has a Mom who loves sewing and crocheting and was patient enough to teach me. My crochet projects as a child we’re mostly gifts for family members. I picked up a hook again a few years ago, after about a 30 year break, and was excited to see so many patterns available online and started putting projects on Ravelry ( In 2016 I discovered Scheepjes ( and purchased their first volume of YARN. My first project with Scheepjes yarn was the beach tunic from this volume. When I learned about the Hygge CAL (Crochet ALong), I joined the Facebook group and ordered the kit in Danish Mermaid.

I knew immediately it would be a Christmas gift for Michelle, a friend from college, because it reminded me of the sea, which we both love.

No, the kit doesn’t come with nail polish, these are from my stash, so clearly these are colors I love. Here is my progress on 15 Feb 2017.

On 23 Feb, I was so excited to see this post on Facebook as this was the one weekend I was planning to spend in London!

So on the morning of 4 March, like the geek that I am, I set off on foot from my hotel, project bag in hand, to check out the show. The closer I got to the venue, the more people I saw carrying craft bags; this was going to be fun! The show is huge with so many lovely items to create and purchase. Luckily I had limited bag space and was able to contain myself.

Kirsten was sweet to give me a few minutes of her time and look at my work.

I worked on this project for most of the first half of the year, until it became too large to work on flights to EU.

As I got close to the end, my husband asked me what it was supposed to be. When I responded, “a shawl”, he didn’t get it and said it would make a good table runner. Then he asked what I would tell Michelle it was. I chose to let her decide.

I used Amy Butler’s “Tadpoles in Ink” for the backing fabric as it continued our marine theme.

As I write this, I’m working on the bonus CAL patterns for my little piece of Hygge.

Happy New Year!